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Country Hills Faculty and Staff
Arntson, Mr. (714) 990-3221 ex.112 5th Grade Teacher
Bartell, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.200 Country Hills Band Program
Bryant, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.119 SDC Teacher
Chute, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.102 TK / Kindergarten Teacher
Cox, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.155 Kindergarten Teacher
Dunn, Ms. (714) 990-3221 ex.107 2nd Grade Teacher
Forslund, Mr. (714) 990-3221 ex.118 6th Grade Teacher
Fry, Miss (714) 990-3221 ex.113 3rd Grade Teacher
Guy, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.110 4th Grade Teacher
Hertzler, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.152 Media Center Technician
Hirota, Miss (714) 990-3221 ex.117 5th Grade Teacher
Hofmeyer, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.116 5th Grade Teacher
Kennedy, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.125 Resource Specialist Teacher
Kresse, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.123 3rd and 4th Grade Combo Teacher
Lindbo, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.154 Kindergarten Teacher
Lutes, Miss (714) 990-3221 ex.111 3rd Grade Teacher
May, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.104 1st Grade Teacher
Raish, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.120 6th Grade Teacher
Rojas, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.108 2nd Grade Teacher
Schoenig, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.105 1st Grade Teacher
Seidl, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.106 2nd Grade Teacher
Smith, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.115 6th Grade Teacher
Thomas, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.103 1st Grade Teacher
Workman, Mrs. (714) 990-3221 ex.109 4th Grade Classroom

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Employee Handbook

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